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Ron Paul Could Become Trump’s Secretary Of State

Ron Paul could become Donald Trump's secretary of state

Neocon journalist Jennifer Rubin has said that she is afraid that Donald Trump will select Ron Paul to be Secretary of State in a Trump administration.

Rubin, a Washington Post journalist, is an ardent supporter of American military intervention and the ongoing war on terror. reports:



Just How Radical Were The People Who Influenced Barack Hussein Obama?

Western Journalism ^ | November 28, 2014 | Steve Baldwin

Posted on 11/30/2014, 8:49:02 AM by lbryce

The GOP’s leading campaign strategists all decided to not even touch on this issue…

It took years for many Americans to figure out that Obama’s policies not only do not work but are based upon a hard-left ideology not compatible with human freedom and economic prosperity. Indeed, the economy has not declined due to some random political decisions. It is the result of a series of decisions intended to move America away from its free-market roots and toward a socialist “utopia.” And of course, all of these decisions derive from the ideology of the man occupying the White House.

Needless to say, the socialist left believed the Obama era was the best opportunity ever to transform America to a socialist-based economy and eradicate our commitment to the Constitution designed to limit federal power. But this should not have been a surprise. Virtually ALL of Obama’s main influences in life were communists and socialists who believed in transforming America into a socialist “paradise.”

Obama’s links to hardcore anti-American people and groups is so pervasive that had he applied to work at the White House prior to becoming president, he would NOT have received a security clearance. The media knew much of this info but made a concerted effort to avoid stories about Obama’s background. During the 2008 presidential campaign, this author even sent evidence of Obama’s 1996 “New Party” (a socialist party) membership to a half dozen prominent reporters and received no response.

Once elected and knowing full well the media would dutifully refuse to report on the background of his own appointees, Obama appointed a slew of communists and socialists to key positions throughout his administration, who then proceeded to destroy our economy and our culture.

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