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“…THE EVE AND ADAM STORY IS TRUE METAPHOR OF HOW WOMEN ENTICED MEN TO LEAVE SPIRIT AND LIVE IN EGO AND BODY, ON EARTH Eve valued her ego and body and used it to get Adam to value her ego and body and entice him into leaving spirit and living in ego and body. The story of the Garden of Eden is true metaphor; it depicts the role of women in enticing men to seek bodily things hence to leave spiritual things. Women see themselves as egos and bodies and use their egos and bodies to get men to desire them sexually hence leave spirit. Women are the source of the downfall of men; they bring men to earth. This is why any man who seeks to return to spiritual awareness generally abandons women and finding their company not desirable and certainly eschews sex. Mystics do not desire sex, for to them sex is a means of identifying with body and ego and thus leaving spirit, God. What I said here may seem hateful of women, so-called misogyny, but any man who has lived long enough grasps that women are the source of his seeking earthly things and leaving spiritual things….”


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Strangers in a Strange World


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