Gunny G: “Can Donald Trump Counter The Coup D’Etat of 2008?”

Posted: May 30, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Can Mr. Trump Make America Great Again,  And,…Will Those Among Us Who Hate America And Who Work To Destroy Us And Our American Ideals, Just Walk Away Scot-Free?????
Will Mr.Trump Go THERE?
Will POTUS Trump Go There?

If not, WHY NOT!

Will America continue “politics as usual”  with our wide open door inviting more of the same?
Re The Vince Foster “Murder”… Mr. Trump Goes There!
Joan Swirsky: Only Donald Trump Can Counter the Coup D’Etat of 2008

Sher Zieve: Will The Obama Syndicate Ever Be Held Responsible For Its Crimes?
Col Lawrence Sellin: Re Obama’s Eligibility Must Be Dealt With B4 2012 Election…
Col Lawrence Sellin: Obama Not Delusional, He Is Ideologically and Resolutely Anti-American
Chuck Baldwin: “The American People Are No Longer Worthy of Liberty”…
Paul Craig Roberts: The American People Have Been Conquered…”Change Through Peaceful Means No Longer Possible”…
Is The Time Close Yet For The Alien UFO Invasion Card To Be Played?
Re The Obama Syndrome…

Mr. Trump has our enemies’ attention both foreign and domestic!
One word describes it….SCARED$h!tle$$!


Col Sellin “MUST-READS!”

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WND Daily…


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Semper FIDELIS !!!!!


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