Task Force Urges Doctors to Screen All Adults for Depression… !!!!!

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Task Force Urges Doctors to Screen All Adults for Depression… ~ BLOGGING BAD: Gunny G… !!!!!

Skip to comments.Task Force Urges Doctors to Screen All Adults for DepressionAP ^ | 1/26/2016 | Lauren NeerGaardPosted on 1/27/2016, 8:51:02 AM by EBHAll adults, including pregnant women and new mothers, should be screened for depression as a routine part of health care, a government advisory group recommended Tuesday.Depression is a common public health problem, and screening simply involves health workers asking about certain symptoms even if patients don’t mention them.The second part of the recommendation from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force is more difficult — ensuring systems are in place to properly diagnose and treat people identified through screening.And the guideline, published by the Journal for the American Medical Association, couldn’t determine how often adults should be screened.

Some things to know about depression:DEPRESSION IS MORE THAN NORMAL SADNESSOfficially called major depressive disorder, depression interferes with people’s ability to function in their daily lives and can even lead to suicide.

Nearly 7 percent of U.S. adults experience a depressive episode each year, the National Institute of Mental Health estimates. Symptoms can include persistent sadness, feeling hopeless, difficulty concentrating, problems sleeping and loss of interest in once-pleasurable activities. People sometimes also experience physical symptoms, such as headaches or back pain, which can confuse diagnosis.NO SINGLE CAUSEDepression can affect anyone, and there are multiple risk factors. A personal crisis, such as loss of a loved one, sometimes precedes depression, but it also can occur without any obvious trigger. Depression and other mood disorders tend to run in families, and depression frequently accompanies serious physical disorders…WHY SCREEN?Depression can go unrecognized, especially if patients don’t seek a diagnosis… ..A variety of screening questionnaires are available, such as one that asks how often, over the last two weeks, patients have felt bad about themselves or felt like they’re a failure, had little interest in doing things or experienced problems sleeping, sleeping or concentrating


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Source: Task Force Urges Doctors to Screen All Adults for Depression

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