Frosty Wooldridge — Post American Culture: Becoming A Refugee Camp For The World

Posted: July 31, 2015 in Uncategorized

By Frosty Wooldridge

July 31, 2015

Part 4: Americans no more, Mexifornia, La Raza, CAIR, Asian invasion, America becoming a refugee camp for the world.

As we Americans watch our culture vanish into multiculturalism, most of us ignore the long-term consequences. We ignore the sheer numbers of people that do not subscribe to the “American Way of Life.” We ignored our language being changed. We completely ignore the numbers—even as our cities suffer gridlock, toxic air pollution and endless construction driven by mindless growth. We ignore the environmental penalties.

Mexicans crossing into America create their own barrios in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. They maintain their own language with no intention to become part of the American fabric.


Muslims cannot in any way become Americans. The Koran forbids it. Their entire religious context demands subjugation to their religion with no allegiance to the U.S. Constitution. The Koran forbids women’s rights, marital choice, free speech, gay rights and religious rights. Our way of life remains completely out of bounds to Islam.

Africans, with no usable skills in a first world country, escape the bush in Somalia and Sudan, only to congregate at welfare centers and Section 8 housing projects in our cities like Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, Chicago and Detroit. Their children fly out of America to join jihad terrorists in the Middle East and Africa.

Countless Indians from the sub-continent managed to overtake all the independent motels across America in the past 30 years—given loans and chain-migration of their families by Congress over and above African-Americans who desperately need jobs and could manage motels as well as anyone.

Most of these immigrants’ “World View” contradict anything formerly known as “The American Way of Life.” To make matters worse, our politicians, fearing for their own reputations, i.e., xenophobia, racism or nativism, talk around the immigration issue without presenting any concrete solutions. Meanwhile, endless millions cross our borders legally and illegally. In the last ten years, America added 35 million people. We expect another 35 million by 2025 and another 35 million by 2035. Total 100 million immigrants within 30 years. Yet, no national leader addresses the enormous numbers.

Exactly Where Is Mass Immigration Taking America?

“Almost everyone agrees that we need to have a serious national debate about immigration,” said Warren. “It is high on the list of hot button issues in the unfolding presidential primary race. The problem is, most people and organizations, from La Raza to the Tea Party, tend to frame the issue in ways that focus on only a single aspect of this dilemma while obscuring / ignoring all of its other important dimensions. For the pro-immigration Latino lobby, the debate is only about obtaining ‘justice’ for their constituents and addressing perceived historic grievances, and nothing else seems to matter very much to them.

“Similarly, for market fundamentalists on the far right, immigration [to the extent that it is not embraced out of simple economic expediency] is framed as a morality play in which heroic, entrepreneurial individuals strive to create wealth despite the obstacles (such as immigration laws) put in place by the evil government. This, for example, reflects the worldview of presidential candidate Marco Rubio. See: Deconstructing Marco Rubio – The Entrepreneur With A Thousand Faces | Florida Politic Archive

“Likewise, Republican candidate Jeb Bush has described illegal…………………MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

via Frosty Wooldridge — Post American Culture: Becoming A Refugee Camp For The World.

via Frosty Wooldridge — Post American Culture: Becoming A Refugee Camp For The World.


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