Witness the Death of Peter!

Posted: July 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

Running The Race

Peter's Cross

You are a Roman Soldier and you have to put another Christian to death. The Emperor Nero is executing many Christians, but to be fair, he is not very nice to many people. As a Roman Soldier you have put many people to death, but this was destined to be different. Peter is one of the leaders of the sect and was the right hand man of Jesus Himself.

You observe the criminal. He is simple. He looks like a fisherman. He doesn’t look like someone who they accuse of persuading many to follow after this Jesus who has been gone for 30 years now. He seems slightly nervous, but certainly not in a panic like many of the prisoners you have been responsible for putting to death. Does he not know that he is about to die? Does he not understand this is it? Is he drunk or stupid?

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