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Vidrebel on Rebekah Roth And 911.

horse2376 minutes ago#jews and gentiles

I have previously posted 911 material from investigators I did completely agree with. One was Dr Judy Wood. Another was Barbara Honegger. Today I would like to present some material from Rebekah Roth who wrote the book Methodical Illusion which I have not read. I am using two long radio interviews as my source. Roth is I think a pen name. She did work for airlines for 30 years which gives her valuable insights other 911 investigators lack.

Rebekah Roth has worked for airlines. She says airline workers begin all phone calls to their companies with their airline employee ID numbers. None did that on the FBI’s 911 calls. Calls would have been dropped before 27 minutes were up. A long call would alert the hijacker and enrage him.

(It would appear that Rebekah Roth is a pen name…

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