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Posted on 7/26/2015, 11:22:02 AM by Lazamataz

WHY? I mean, have we been reduced to THIS? Is America this far gone? We seemed like we were on top of the world, then WHAM. My goodness, this is tragic and horrific. I can’t believe my eyes. It’s like a slow motion car wreck. What can we do to stop it? I don’t know, I only pray we can come up with an idea. This is the single worst thing to ever happen. Never before in history!… and probably never again.

We will be written about, and scholars will speculate what caused all of this. It’s utter damnation on a grand scale, and I bet none of you expected it. I must admit, it’s demoralizing, but I know we can do something about it.

If we all pull together, perhaps we can reverse this awful situation. I don’t know for sure but I like to hope. I do know the answer: GOD! If we bring God back, we have a chance, otherwise we don’t.

via WHY?.

via WHY?.


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