The Third Obama Term

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The Third Obama Term

The American Spectator ^ | July 21, 2015 | Ross Kaminsky

Posted on 7/21/2015, 5:55:17 AM by Cincinatus

Pundits of the left and the right have spilled much digital ink on Donald Trump in recent weeks, increasing in recent days with his unconscionable comments about John McCain. (McCain is not my favorite politician but a fighter pilot who refuses early release from the Hanoi Hilton because other members of our military had been there longer than he had is by any measure a war hero.)



But bad policy, bad hair, and a bad attitude aren’t the biggest problem with Donald Trump.

Trump’s political differences with the Barack Obama are, in most cases, stark. But I see a troublesome similarity in their personalities, one which makes both unfit to sit behind the Resolute desk.

Beyond championing one destructive and ill-considered policy after another, Barack Obama has an additional defining characteristic, one that makes him such a terrible leader of a democratic nation: he is a narcissist.


Donald Trump, like Barack Obama, sees himself as nearly infallible, above criticism, and not bound by the usual rules of the game. Each believes we should be grateful just to have him and each has been reinforced in that view by fawning admirers. Because of the two men’s shared devotion to the politics of personality, Donald Trump — just as much as Hillary Clinton, although in an utterly different way — would be the very “third Obama term” that so many voters across the political spectrum are rightly desperate to avoid.

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via The Third Obama Term.

via The Third Obama Term.


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