Why Can’t We Simply Carry?

Posted: May 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

Why Can’t We Simply Carry?

americas1stfreedom.org ^ | 5/27/2015 | Frank Miniter

Posted on 5/27/2015, 7:52:35 PM by rktman

The so-called “mainstream” media likes to spin a scary narrative of lawlessness, even of anarchy, when “permitless carry” (sometimes called “constitutional carry”) is brought before a state legislature.

When the media does this, whether through ignorance or bias, they’re simply ignoring the facts. For example, Vermont, which has long had permitless carry, has also long had one of the lowest violent crime rates in the nation.

States, nevertheless, can still be laboratories of democracy—even with politically incorrect gun laws. That is part of what’s going on with permitless carry. As of this writing, states with some legal form of permitless concealed carry include Alaska, Arizona, Kansas, Vermont and Wyoming. This, of course, doesn’t include the 26 states that broadly recognize the right to carry handguns openly (not concealed) without a permit.

(Excerpt) Read more at americas1stfreedom.org …

via Why Can’t We Simply Carry?.

via Why Can’t We Simply Carry?.


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