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What Will it Take to Right the Ship of State?

Canada Free Press ^ | 05/01/15 | Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

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Why would useful idiots riot to turn our country into a third world basket of lawlessness, corruption, and racial hatred egged on by professional agitators who make the empty promise of non-existent communist social justice?


Socialist Riots

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Socialist Riots

Canada Free Press ^ | 05/01/15 | Douglas V. Gibbs

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Socialism is also the drive behind the rotting of America, the upheaval in politics, the killing of liberty, and the riots we’ve been experiencing, be it Ferguson, or Baltimore


The “Snowden” Psyop is Nearly Complete – Patriot Act to be Replaced by ‘Freedom Act” (written by the same guy)

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by Scott Creighton

“If the perfect defeats the good, then bad prevails,” said Representative James Sensenbrenner, Republican of Wisconsin, an author of the Patriot Act who is now leading efforts to change it (and the author of the USA Freedom Act).

The “Edward Snowden” psyop is nearly complete.

After two years of preparations, the powers that be are ready to present to you the cure to the problem of that intrusive NSA surveillance, which they themselves presented to you via “Edward Snowden”:

the USA Freedom Act………MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

via The “Snowden” Psyop is Nearly Complete – Patriot Act to be Replaced by ‘Freedom Act” (written by the same guy) | American Everyman.

via The “Snowden” Psyop is Nearly Complete – Patriot Act to be Replaced by ‘Freedom Act” (written by the same guy) | American Everyman.

The First Fall of Saigon

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Aletho News

Bad Attitudes | April 29, 2015

french-mapForty years after the Vietnam phase of our eternal war ended we might want to go back another 30 years, to Saigon in September of 1945 when it all really began. What follows is from the diary of a war correspondent in French Indochina named Germaine Krull. The full diary ends with these words:

The Annamites [Vietnamese] will win their independence because they are ready to die for it … It may be too late already. We may never regain face, but if we do, it won’t be with the assistance of machine guns.

Mme Krull saw the future way back then, but the new American president didn’t. President Roosevelt had wanted to see the French colonies freed. Ho Chi Minh had even worked for the OSS during the war, and sought our friendship as it ended. But Harry Truman saw France as an…

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Newly released emails show a close relationship between the American Psychological Association and the psychologists who helped create the architecture of the CIA’s torture program.


News for the Revolution

By Stephen Lendman
May 01, 2015
Global Research

US-Nuclear-WarLast Friday, National Security Council senior Asian affairs director Evan Medeiros said John Kerry and Defense Secretary Ashton Carter would meet their Japanese counterparts in New York on Monday.

They’d “announce some historic changes to the way US-Japan alliance operates” ahead of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Washington visit this week.

On Tuesday, Obama hosted him with an official state dinner. Regional security issues will be discussed during his stay.

A Monday released statement recklessly said Washington intends using nuclear and conventional weapons to defend Japan if necessary.

“Central to (its Asia policy) is the ironclad US commitment to the defense of Japan, through the full range of US military capabilities, including nuclear and conventional,” it said.

Japan has no regional enemies. At the same time, its Shino Abe-led government is its most militant since WW II – in a nation constitutionally opposed…

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