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Posted: March 10, 2015 in Uncategorized



Currently, it is common to see police officers gun down dogs that simply approach them. Indeed, that’s how Dakota Corbitt was shot:

The family dog raced into the family’s front yard in response to the presence of an armed intruder.

One entirely plausible scenario growing out of “Tanja’s Law” version 1.0 would see a police officer gunning down a human being who verbally “threatens” or “takes an aggressive stance” when approached by a police dog.

The legislative purpose of the original bill was “to provide a measure of equivalency in the punishment of crimes committed against police dogs in the performance of their official duties as to that of peace officers [and to] provide that the offense of murder in the second degree shall include causing the death of a police dog while such police dog is engaged in its official duties….”….MORE!!!!!


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