“A Note to Some of My WordPress Followers: Get Off My Ship” copyright 2015, John J. Rigo, Texas’ Poet and Commentator

Posted: January 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

Texas Poetry

Courtesy of kelihasablog.wordpress.com Courtesy of kelihasablog.wordpress.com

As you read my posting heading I have no doubt some of you find my heading post shocking.  The heading is how I really feel.  In fact as of today I would like to see the count of my Followers drop to about a fourth of the 477 that I currently have.

Yesterday I observed another shocking tread on the WordPress Program from one of my followers which to my observation explained why I always seen a “Like” hit from him on almost 100 percent of my poetry postings.  When I read his poetry more closely on his site of about 3300 followers, I realized he was copying my own poetry work.  Not exactly word for word, but very close.  I also became aware he was a “Raghead” and not a Christian in his faith.  I respect and honor all faiths but I do not attempt to become big…

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  1. Gunny thank you for Reblogging my recent posting regarding this subject of “Likes.” A further observation was that when I observed the individual’s “Like” postings, “None” were on my poetry that were Christian based, but strickly on poems that were un-related to Christian subjects or experiences. In going back on his WordPress site I came to the realization that he was a Muslim. I now believe that the majority of Muslims in this country are all for the terrorist in the support that is sent to them by money collections in these Mosques that now fill the United States. We as a country are facing in our future, the same “No-Go Zones” as France now has to deal with. Sadly, the same now holds true for communities in our country that have become “No-Go Zones” for the blacks of our country. Within our own borders we are building anti-American armies that eventually will attack the white Christian middle class in our country. Standing back from the voting booth has brought this about to our country from our lack of participation in the system. This is the reason King Obama now rules the United States with a “Black Iron Hand.”

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